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The inaugural gathering of the #ITCOVID Task Force Virtual Happy Hour (Zoom Meeting) was a great success! Our community has grown to 60 members virtually overnight. Today we hosted 20 folks with webcam/audio enabled Thursday March 26th 4PM PDT / 7PM EDT sharing all kinds of real world challenges and comic relief among the community.

If you want to be included in future weekly Virtual Happy Hour events, join the Slack community using the link above! Here’s the invite that was sent out to all members, via a calendar appointment. Joining the Slack community will ensure that you receive these in the future. 

For security reasons we will not be posting the Zoom links publicly! Inside joke for anyone that was there for the first meeting.

Welcome! This is our first inaugural IT COVID TASK FORCE Virtual Happy Hour! (ITCTF VHH). Grab a coffee or adult beverage and join the discussion.

More details about this event can be found below the dial-in information below. Thanks for joining!

This is the first of a weekly community service the IT community and I will be providing to the world, in live and recorded format, as a forum for professionals all over the globe to connect with others during this unprecedented time. This is not sponsored, there will be no vendors giving product pitches, or other annoying advertisement plugs for services. Just real people, in the IT community, getting together and sharing war stories of what we’re facing in each of our respective areas.

I’ve created this invite in Outlook, and sending to all friends and community members email addresses, for clients, partners, and anyone who has already joined our slack channel at

Let’s give this first inaugural meeting a test run and see how it goes! If more structure is needed, and we want to coordinate weekly speakers (not sponsors) to talk about common trends and issues that are being encountered, we can absolutely do that! Zoom is licensed up to 100 participants right now, so please feel free to take this invite and forward it to a colleague or friend. When you do, I will take all e-mail addresses and automatically invite them to join the Slack channel, so this is a VERY effective way to spread the word.

You all are amazing, and I love sharing and hearing the war stories, memes, and comic relief that helps all of us during a time no one has lived through before. We’re all learning and growing together! I’ll distribute the recording after the meeting, but I’d highly recommend joining with your Webcam/Audio enabled to get the most interactive experience possible. Different times will be selected each week to give everyone the greatest opportunity to join.


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